Jun 15 2008

How Ging Sing Nearly Killed Me

Category: Bad Eats,Hyperallergy GirlClevergirl @ 6:35 pm

We order out from Ging Sing a lot, because *some people* in our household prefer American Chinese food… and frankly this is Ottawa and you’re lucky to get anything else! AND, for American Chinese, it’s not half bad.

Well, tonight Ging Sing nearly killed me.

We got some veggie spring rolls… and we’ve done this before without trouble. This time, they gave us a dipping sauce which had fish sauce in it. And, I grabbed a spring roll, dipped in the sauce unsuspectingly, and took a bite.

I realised *immediately* that there was something very very wrong with it and spat it out.

At first we thought that the spring roll had fish in it. But when we called the restaurant, they said, “No! It is not in the spring roll; it is in the dipping sauce!” The Veggie Spring roll, however, apparently has pork in it, so don’t get them if you’re a vegetarian!

Like that makes a lot of difference whether it is in the roll or the sauce when you’ve got a hyperallergy to fish!

Due to evasive action, all I got was an itchy palette and tongue.

Lucky for me… and even Luckier for Ging Sing!

2 Responses to “How Ging Sing Nearly Killed Me”

  1. Kumo-Chan says:

    but if you’re a vegetarian shouldn’t you ask if there is any meat in ur food? lol! must’ve been lucky for them xD

  2. Clevergirl says:

    Kumo-chan… it’s their vegetarian spring rolls so why ask?! They aren’t supposed to have either meat or fish in them!

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