May 02 2014

OISE Announces Phase Out of B.Ed. Degree Program O_o

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What up OISE?!

If OISE doesn’t train teachers, is it still OISE? Ok, so I get that they will still be training them, though a 2-year MA/MAT program, but they will be training more than half the current number, “under pressure from the province”. When the medical profession decreased the numbers of doctors being trained in the (same) province in the 1990s, it was partly responsible for sparking today’s doctor shortage. So, what happens if this sparks a teacher shortage?

Oh and Uh, and does this mean they will now start hiring professors of education who are not (also) teacher trainers?!

a song to say good-bye to the B.Ed. at OISE:

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  1. jason says:

    This has been in the works for more than a decade. OISE didn’t start training teachers until the mid-90s when Bob Rae forced OISE to assume responsibility for FEUT. FEUT taught undergrads in education independent of OISE. OISE was 100% grad. OISE wanted to stay that way, and now it is. Ryerson and UOIT have new B.Ed. programs.

  2. Clevergirl says:

    I seem to be completely ignorant of the history and the goings on these days. Thx. for this.

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